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GIS For Small Business

Many small businesses have a peripheral need for an integrated mapping solution but have found cost prohibitive. 

We also had become a little disillusioned at the costs that our clients face trying to access the technology. Whilst we love developing in GIS, it is usually the last platform to be acquired and the first to be abandoned. 

Not only are the costs prohibitive, the costs in training and employing GIS professionals are significant barriers too. 


Introducing the affordable GIS platform for small business

Our development partners ESRI  are the foremost GIS solution providers in the world.

They have released ArcGIS Online for Organisations which we believe is a massive step in the right direction to providing our clients with the map solution they envisage whenever they use Google Maps.

ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content management system for maps, apps, data, and other geographic information.

Essentially, your companies data can be stored accessed through a dashboard, providing public and group-based access to your maps.

With the data and software being hosted, all of costs and logistics of servers and security are incorporated in the solution - allowing you to focus on the requirements of your map system.  

ArcGIS Online Schematic

Here at Rokit Science we offer you the unique mix of services where we can create and organise your map data and then implement and maintain your ArcGIS Online for Organisations subscription. 

We can also develop any applications or additional functionality via the SDKs that AGOL provides.

Contact us for more information or a live demo.