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Farm Mapping

We provide custom maps for farm owners interested in selling, leasing or better managing their property.

The paddock boundaries are captured initially, then every item of bush and non-arable area are digitised.

These landuse areas are intersected with the farm plan and summary reports showing landuse areas are displayed on the maps.

The maps are created with a high level of detail and give a professional impression of your property.


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Types of Farm Maps

  • Landuse - Farm map showing landuse areas such as arable,bush etc
  • Paddocks - Basic paddock map showing paddock outlines and areas
  • Aerial - Farm map showing paddock outlines with aerial photo underneath
  • Soil characteristics map

Click here to see a sample

Paddock maps

  • Individual map for each paddock showing arable area with aerial photo underneath

Hard copies

Included in the price are:

  • 1x Colour A3 Landuse Map - Laminated
  • 1x Colour A3 Aerial Map - Laminated
  • 1x Mono A4 Farm Paddock Map - Laminated.
  • Digital PDF copies of all maps on USB Flash drive
  • Postage of Hard Copies inside WA.

Live Map Reviewing

All map edits are uploaded to our online ArcGIS Online account for you to review and edit if required.

Below is a live link to our online map service: