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More about Google Chrome

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We've been shouting out about Google Chrome lately and how good it can be not just as a browser but as a real part of your business solution.

As I've mentioned before, Google provides real strength with Google Apps for Business - as your domain can be managed and controlled by you and you get access to all Google's services - the top shelf ones like Gmail, Drive, Search and Calendar - as well as exposure to the more obscure experimental stuff.

But, back to Chrome...if you use Chrome on top of Google services your small business can start to hum on the backbone of an enterprise IT system.

Chrome has two cool frameworks - Apps and Extensions that can make your life that little easier.

Chrome Apps

Apps are customised web applications that take advantage of the Chrome API (nuts and bolts) to make your experience a little better. This is nothing new as other browsers do this. This cool thing with Chrome is that your app and it's saved data is stored to the cloud and is available where ever you choose to access Chrome from. Just login to Chrome from another machine and they're all there.

Here's my landing page accessed from another machine:


Chrome Extensions

Extensions for Chrome are extra features for Chrome that anyone can build to add extra functionality to the browser. This concept becomes more powerful when your favourite business tools climb on board.

We build software at Rokit Science so processes and lists are important.

I'll share with you some of the ones we think are cool.

Here's my extension bar for Chrome:


Of course, I only use Facebook for work purposes - check out our Facebook page.

Any.DO Extension

This is an extension that is for everybody.

Any.Do is a to-do list application and one of the best there is.

The apps for iPhone and Android are very cool and worth checking out.



The cool part is how any.DO integrates. Google Tasks etc.

And with the Chrome Extension, anything on the web or your email can be added as a to-do item.

For example I received an email from the FBI saying asking me to send them  $420 in order to win $800,000.

The Any.DO extension is built into Gmail and allows me to create a task directly into any.DO, thus ensuring I don't miss out on my prize:


And here it is - on all my devices:

Chome Extension

Chome Extension



Get into any.DO - via Chrome.