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High Resolution Aerial Photography for Farm Mapping

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Often a farm's arable areas are in dispute, even after we map from Landgate's aerial imagery.

Also, as farming equipment size increase, usable arable areas have started to shrink, and suddenly the number that the owner had their head from 20 years ago is now a lot different in reality.

We have recently started using the services of Arvista  to fly properties using the eBee UAV (or drone)

Arvista applies aerial surveying and photography to many applications in a range of industries including mining, mineral exploration, agriculture, environmental monitoring, infrastructure planning and construction. We use the latest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology to provide clients with a safe, rapid and cost-effective means of obtaining accurate, high resolution aerial surveys and photographs for use in most CAD, GIS and photo imaging software.


Due to the logistics of driving the UAVs to the site and having a trained pilot conduct the exercise, there is a reasonable cost involved.  

But, if you consider that finding a few more hectares of land on your property (at around $2000/Ha) could save or gain you many thousands of dollars - it's a sound investment.

Here is a sample of a farm Arvista flew near York earlier this year: