Launching Your Ideas

Launching your ideas...

Rokit Science is a software development firm  with expertise and experience in designing, implementing and delivering solutions for small to medium organisations.

We specialise in taking your existing software platforms and developing a solution to integrate them together.

Many customers come to us because they have outgrown Excel and Access and need an enterprise solution without the enterprise price. They also don't want to throw away a perfectly good accounting package because it doesn't communicate with the rest of the business.

We provide solutions to those problem through a variety of technologies and processes.

We also have strong development skills in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and provide specialist mapping services.

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Often a farm's arable areas are in dispute, even after we map from Landgate's aerial imagery.

Also, as farming equipment size increase, usable arable areas have started to shrink, and suddenly the number that the owner had their head from 20 years ago is now a lot different in reality.

We have recently started using the services of Arvista  to fly properties using the eBee UAV (or drone)

As well as the Land Use Maps and Aerial Photos you get with our Farm Mapping Service, we have added a Soil Profile Map. 

The basic Soil Profiles for WA are intersected with your farm and paddock boundaries and summarised to give a breakdown of soils for your property